Pitru Paksha 2022 will begin on Saturday, 10 September And ends on Sunday, 25 September (Dates may vary)

Complete List of Pitru Paksha Shradh Dates in the year 2022

10th September 2022 (Saturday) – Purnima Shradh
10th September 2022 (Saturday) – Pratipada Shradh
11th September 2022 (Sunday) – Dwitiya Shradh or Dooj Shradh
12th September 2022 (Monday) – Tritiya Shradh
13th September 2022 (Tuesday) – Chaturthi Shradh and Maha Bharani Shradh
14th September 2022 (Wednesday) – Panchami Shradh
15th September 2022 (Thursday) – Shashti Shradh
16th September 2022 (Friday) – Saptami Shradh
18th September 2022 (Sunday) – Ashtami Shradh
19th September 20221 (Monday) – Navami Shradh
20th September 2022 (Tuesday) – Dashmi Shradh
21st September 2022 (Wednesday) – Ekadashi Shradh
22nd September 2022 (Thursday) Dwadashi Shradh or Magha Shradh
23rd September 2022 (Friday) – Trayodashi Shradh
24th September 2022 (Saturday) – Chaturdashi Shradh
25th September 2022 (Sunday) – Sarva Pitru Amavasya or Amavasya Shradh

This Pitru Paksha Shradh 2022, remember the departed soul with a cause. On their Shradh Puja, donate food to the needy.

The full moon time of Bhadrapada and the Pratipada of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month from Amavasya is called Pitru Paksha. In the year 2022, Pitru Paksha will commence from 10th September 2022 (Saturday) till 25th September 2022 (Sunday).

According to Brahmpurana, before worshiping the Gods, a man should worship his ancestors because it is believed that the Gods are pleased with that. For this reason, the elders are honored and posthumously worshiped in Indian society.

These offerings are in the form of Shradh which is to be performed on the tithi (date) of death, falling in Pitrupaksha and if the tithi is not known, then Ashwin Amavasya can be worshiped which is also called All Sovereign Amavasya. On Shradh we remember our ancestors by doing tarpan and offer food and dakshina to Brahmins or needy people.

Uday Foundation serve free, but wholesome, food to families of underprivileged patients in the Govt. Hospital and also for the children who come from a far-off places to the Delhi hospitals for often longer treatments. You can also join our team during food distribution drive.

  • Please share your donation details with Ms. Reena Sen at [email protected]
  • In email, please mention the name of the person on whose Pitru Paksha / Shradh ceremony you wish to feed the needy people.
  • Also, please mention the date on which, this Pitru Paksha / Shradh ceremony , w.e.f Saturday, 10 September 2022 And ends on Sunday, 25 September 2022 (Dates may vary), you will be contributing for the food drive.

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Contribute directly through UPI: [email protected] (Please whatsapp donation details to +919599635450 mentioning the name of the person on whose Pitru Paksha / Shradh ceremony you wish to feed the needy people.)

Please make an online donation from credit and debit card networks like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and RuPay or Net Banking (50+ Options), Payment Wallet, UPI or NEFT/RTGS/IMPS

Shradh (Pitru Paksha) 2022 Food Donation

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• For any queries, write to us on [email protected] or call on 09599635450

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  • Branch: Adchini, New Delhi 110017
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Donate through Cheque

  • Cheques can be made in favour of "UDAY FOUNDATION FOR CDRBG TRUST"
  • Please send the same at Uday Foundation, D-233 (LGF), Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi 110017 Phone: 011-26561333/444


  • As a policy we do not accept Cash donations.
  • Donations to Uday Foundation are exempt from 50% tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.
  • Please share the details after you have made the donation to [email protected], along with your complete address and PAN card no, enabling us to send 80G tax exemption receipt of the same.
  • Uday Foundation is not registered with FCRA and we cannot accept foreign donations. We can accept donation from Non-Resident Indian only through any bank account operational in India. Contributions made by a citizen of India, living in another country, from his personal savings, through the normal banking channels, is not treated as foreign contribution. However, while accepting any donations from such NRI, it is mandatory to obtain his passport details to ascertain that he/she is an Indian passport holder.
  • In case you are a Non-Resident Indians and Indian passport holder and wish to donate, please write to Ms Reena Sen at [email protected] or speak to her at 09599635450.

Story of Uday Foundation

Disturbed by son’s illness, Rahul Verma started Uday foundation in 2007

Rahul and Tulika Verma were hit with unfortunate news in 2006 — their son, Arjunuday, had been born with congenital defects and would probably require expensive medical treatment for his entire life. They could picture themselves spending most of their time in hospitals, either for consultations or surgeries.

A feeling of compassion for people suffering the same fate engulfed the couple, and they realised just how important it is for both parents and children, irrespective of background, to have access to quality healthcare.

Looking at the depression all around them, they decided to do something to honour their son, and that was how the Uday Foundation, for the healthcare of the disadvantaged sections of society, especially children, came about.
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Stories of Impact | How your help is reaching to the most needy.

Distribution Drive with Indian Army

In an attempt to reach out to the local populace in Kashmir and to help them fight the severe winters, 15 Rashtriya Rifles/7 Sector RR/Kilo Force, organized a programme to distribute huge quantity of essential items like blankets, suitcases, leather bags, sports and canvas shoes, sweat shirts etc at Vilgam Army Camp.

Winter Drive Outside Hospitals

Every winter, Uday Foundation runs Blanket Donation Campaign, where we provide high quality warm blankets along with dry ration and dignity kits to the underprivileged living in the open on the streets.

Food Drive Outside Hospitals

Uday Foundation serve free, but wholesome, food to families of underprivileged patients in the Govt. Hospital and also for the children who come from a far-off places to the Delhi hospitals for often longer treatments.

Pratipada Shraddha

Dwitiya Shraddha

Tritiya Shraddha

Chaturthi Shraddha

Panchami Shraddha

Shashthi Shraddha

Saptami Shraddha

Ashtami Shraddha

Navami Shraddha

Dashami Shraddha

Ekadashi Shraddha

Dwadashi Shraddha

Trayodashi Shraddha

Chaturdashi Shraddha

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