Jaideep Sahni as Storyteller to the Kids in Hospital


A child’s needs in the hospital are similar to those at home. He or she needs to feel secure, comforted, and accepted and to be able to engage in age-appropriate activities.

Storytelling is not just a nice extra in life, but a necessity, especially for little children in hospital to take their minds away from the hospital environment.

Uday Foundation invited Jaideep Sahni for a storytelling session for the kids in the hospital. Jaideep is one of the best storyteller of recent times and is a story writer for popular Hindi movies like Chak De India, Rocket Singh Sales Man of the Year, Bunty aur Babli etc.

Very few know the fact that Jaideep had various visits and follow-ups at the hospital during his childhood for a rare medical condition and this reflected in his storytelling session as well. Jaideep involved each and every kid in story building session and sparked the imagination of tiny minds.

Jaideep Sahni visited each and every child admitted in Children ward and intensive care unit, interacted with children and their parents.

According to Jaideep Sahni, when you tell stories, you show how to put words together to make them meaningful. You share something new that kids may find interesting or exciting and that might be a springboard for questions and discussions. Most important, you nurture a love for stories that kids will have for life.