Donate Medicines – Donate Unused Medicines in Delhi / Give your old medical equipment a new home. Donate today.

Uday Foundation, 233, Block – D, Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi 110017, Phone : 011-41098444 / 011-26561333 / 011-26561444

Please consider donating following medicine, ( please do check expiry date before donating medicines and also avoid donation of near to expiry medicines)

Blood Pressure
Abdominal Pain
De-worming medication
Ear ache
Eye discomfort and redness
Joint pain or muscle pain
Runny Nose
Sore Throats
Skin rashes
Or other medicines you have
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    Can I donate unused medicines?

    Yes, you can donate us your unused medicines but please avoid medicines which are near to expiry.

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    There is some cough syrup left in the bottle which I used for my child, can I donate the same?

    No, We do not accept unsealed bottles of medicines. Please avoid the same.

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    Can you please send someone at my home to pick-up the medicines?

    Frankly, it is not possible for us to depute someone.  You are requested to please visit our centre or alternately send the same through courier.

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    Can I organise a donation camp in my office or housing society?

    Sure,  we encourage you to please organise a donation camp in your office, school, college, residential society and with all like minded peopl

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    Can you please name the medicines or any preferred brands?

    We do not prefer any particular brand of medicines. There are hundreds of good medicines available in the market. To be more specific, please refer to following list of essential medicines :-Analgesics, antipyretics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicinesAntiallergics and medicines used in anaphylaxisAntidotes and other substances used in PoisoningsAnticonvulsants/ antiepilepticsAnti-infective medicinesAntimigraine medicinesAntineoplastic medicinesMedicines affecting the bloodCardiovascular medicinesDermatological medicines (topical)Disinfectants and antisepticsDiureticsGastrointestinal medicinesHormones, other endocrine medicinesImmunologicalsMuscle relaxants (peripherally-acting) and  cholinesterase inhibitorsOphthalmological preparationsMedicines acting on the respiratory tractSolutions correcting water, electrolyte and acid-base disturbancesVitamins and mineralsEar, nose and throat medicines

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    Can i donate old medical equipments ?

    Sure, give your old medical equipment a new home. Donate to us.