Intersex People or Disorders of Sex Development (we call it Discriminated and Socially Distanced) are individuals born with anatomy or physiology which differs from contemporary ideals of what constitutes “normal” male and female. Intersex People  are not a third sex, they are just people with a medical problem that needs to be fixed with love, family support and proper counseling Uday Foundation … Read More

Anorectal Malformation

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Anorectal malformations are defects that occur during the fifth to seventh weeks of fetal development. With these defects, the anus (opening at the end of the large intestine through which stool passes) and the rectum (area of the large intestine just above the anus) do not develop properly. Approximately 50% of babies with anorectal malformations have other coexisting abnormalities. These … Read More

Hole in the Heart


Hole in the Heart or Congenital heart defects are structural problems with the heart present at birth. They result when a mishap occurs during heart development soon after conception and often before the mother is aware that she is pregnant. Defects range in severity from simple problems, such as “holes” between chambers of the heart, to very severe malformations, such … Read More

Rare Blood Groups

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Why Rare Blood Types : Arranging rare blood types donor ( rh negative rare blood types ) is always a tough task as awareness on rare blood types is still low and usually getting started on the search for rare blood types draws a blank with most people. Hundreds of blood units are required for patients suffering from blood diseases … Read More

Storytelling Program for Kids in the Hospitals


It’s generally not a lot of fun for anyone to be in a hospital, but it’s especially tough on kids. Though doctors, nurses, family and friends make long stays more bearable, there is still much time where pediatric patients can feel lonely, bored and scared. Storytelling has been well researched for its therapeutic effects with children. While Storytelling is entertaining, … Read More

Welcome to Uday Foundation

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The Uday Foundation is non governmental organization based in New Delhi, providing support services to the families of children afflicted with congenital defects, critical disorders, syndromes, and diseases that affect their health condition, education & growth. Advocacy on Indian public health policy, awareness and implementation of various health related projects for common citizen is India also key result area of … Read More